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Anbor Co Ltd.
St. Rocco Street,
Zebbug, ZBG2025
Telephone:+356 21462836
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Anthony Borg, CEO,
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Ettore Borg, COO and IT specialist,
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Andrew Cortis, CIO and IT specialist,
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The Maltese islands are a strategic location for IT and gaming companies. The island's focus on excellence in IT and the abundant workforce that is available, we can help to jumpstart your company!

With a rich history, sunny weather and a stable political and economic climate, Malta is an ideal location for your offshore business.

The i-gaming laws in the Maltese islands have proven to be advantageous for many gaming companies that have chosen to benefit from them.


As our headquarters are located in Malta, an EU member state, our workforce can easily work abroad in any other EU member state.

Due to Maltese legislature, iGaming and other IT solutions in Malta are also able to target European markets with greater efficiency and tax benefits.