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About Us

Anbor consultancy

Anbor Co Ltd. is a consultancy company that specialises in several different areas with an emphasis on the IT & Corporate markets. We provide the IT & Corporate markets, with three main areas of services:

Our headquarters are situated in Zebbug, Malta. Malta is a small island and a member of the European Union. Malta is reknown for its history, sunny weather and technical excellence. Foreigners setting up a company in Malta benefit from a decrease in Tax rates making Malta an ideal location for business start ups for foreign bodies.

Malta is especially lucrative for the online Gambling industry and also hosts one of the most recognised Online Gaming legislations.

Anbor Co Ltd. specialises in consultations to identify and suggest the right business paths and processes for clients that intend to establish their business and operate from Malta, with a special focus on the IT and the Online Gaming industries.

Our corporate structure is formed by a team of successful personel whose know how and performance enable us to muster the right resources for providing the optimal solutions to our clients in any situation.

Anbor Co Ltd. is able to achieve its success by leveraging the strengths from multiple levels of corporation together with a respected clientele and business associates. This makes Anbor Co Ltd. able to provide a one stop solution for present and future clients.

As a company, we follow our client's progress step by step from the inception of the company, business project or license application. This is achieved through the analysis of the client's requests and extrapolating a firm business plan based on facts, not assumptions.

Our vast technical expertise extends to providing the necessary tools and software tailored by our team of IT experts that are able to cater for online gaming technology, security, deployment, network structure, hardware supply and many more possible requirements!

Anbor Co Ltd. is partnered with companies that specialise in IT and Hardware Sales and are capable of offering 24/7/365 support with specific Service Level Agreements that differ from one client to another.


Services Overview

Our services includes job recruitment and management consultancy to our clients

The strong IT and iGaming sectors in Malta are a key elements to the success of your business
We provide our clients with ideal candidates for their vacancies
Anbor Human Resources and Management Consultation Services